marți, 17 mai 2016

Two 2 Tango - new concept by MONO

It takes two to tango! That means that the story of a perfect dance must be completed by two pairs of tango shoes!

My Tango Shoes by Mono brings the NEW concept: Two2Tango‬ for her and for him.

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luni, 1 decembrie 2014

Paint your Passion by Mono at Tango Cazino 2014

The imaginative paintings on leather, created by passionate dancers at Tango Casino 3d edition in Cluj this summer, have begun their wonderful transformation. The colorful ideas turn into unique, outstanding tango shoes in Mono's workshop.

Saturday 23.08.204
Event organized by Maria Tîrtea & My Tango Shoes by MONO with Ioana Lascu & Horia Călin Pop at Tango Cazino
Event location : Casino Centru de Cultura Urbana Cluj

                                            Paintings & Tango Shoes

Line by Comsa Adina

Friends by Oreste Swarovski Candela

Tango cazino 3 - The maestros by Horia Călin Pop

Blue autumn by Horia Călin Pop

Kaleidoscope by Larissa Koncz

Purple by Ioana Lascu

Music by Andreea Schiopu

"Feathers and chaos" by Ionut Peia & Maria Tîrtea

"Intuition" by Valentina Iancu

"Equilibrium" by Iulia Burci

"Flowers under the skin" by Roxan Popescu


Mistake by Harun R. Özkan

"Transgression" by Maria Tîrtea

Blending by Stephanie Fesneau

"Blood on the dance floor" by Andrei Groza

"Flowers in wonderland" by Cristina Maliţa

"Perfection" by Viviana Marza

"Velvet hands" by Iulia Gordan

Delicate by Sonnya Vass

Spirals by Adela Alda

Developed Lady MONO Model 2


Dear ladies, we present you the developed MONO Model 2:
- new way of fixing by adding an extra strap
- perforated front for more glamour

Made in Timisoara by MONO
Design: Dumitru Mihaica

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